Vancouver is an immensely popular vacation destination because of its greenery. Mostly filled with mountain regions, Vancouver offers acres of forestry and parks that people love to explore. 


If discovering the beautiful city of Vancouver is one of the things in your bucket list, be sure to make your vacation memorable by visiting these top 10 parks. 

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1. Queen Elizabeth Park 


This park offers awe-inspiring views. It is known as the horticultural jewel of Vancouver because of its beautiful backdrop most preferred in prenup photoshoots. 


Measuring a total of 52 hectares, you will be amazed by the wide collection of native and exotic trees in the area. There is also so much to see and do for children and adults alike. 


There are areas dedicated to recreational activities like tennis, pitch & putt and lawn bowling. It is also a nice place for stargazing or a picnic. 


When roaming the grounds of Queen Elizabeth park, be sure not to miss the roses, sculptures and other amazing views like the Bloedel Conservatory where you can see the dancing waters. 


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2. Golden Ears Provincial Park


The Golden Ears Provincial Park is one of the largest parks in the province that never runs out of recreational opportunities to offer to visitors. With its extensive trails system, those who love horseback riding or hiking will have fun in this park.


If you want to take part in water-based activities, Alouette Lake is also worthy of exploration. The lake is a perfect spot for windsurfing, water-skiing, boating, fishing, and canoeing. 


You can also find three large campgrounds in Golden Ears. 

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3. John Hendry Park (Trout Lake)


John Hendry Park is notable for being one of the popular skating spots in Vancouver. The park is open for lake activities all year-round. 


Visitors can swim, ice skate or go fishing in this East Vancouver Park. If you visit it in the summer, you will also enjoy the park's live outdoor concert series, farmers' market and sandy beaches. 


The park has more to offer even on autumn days as it boasts colorful foliage, which will make your afternoon stroll even more worth remembering. 


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4. Pacific Spirit Regional Park

This gorgeous park is known as a hiker's paradise because of the trails that will satisfy your thirst for outdoor adventure. It was established in 1989 and was originally part of the University Endowment Lands. 


The park, covering 763 hectares, offers a richly dense forest. Visitors with different interests frequent this popular park because it has a lot of special places to explore such as Wreck Beach, Camosun Bog, and Lily of the Valley grove. 


It is also blessed with flora and fauna with wide varieties of trees including Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce, Hemlock and Cedar. 


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5.  Arbutus Greenway


There is so much to love about Arbutus Greenway as it consists of an all-water surface for biking, walking and jogging. You can also enjoy coffee or lunch with your friends as the area is filled with cafes and restaurants. 


It is also near the commercial district where West Broadway, Granville Island, West 4th Avenue, Arbutus Ridge, Kerrisdale Village, West 57th Avenue and Marpole Village can be found. 


Since the park is totally car-free, you can also bring your furry friends for a run or to frolic at the beach. 


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6. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden


The park is known as a peaceful base because of its ambiance. It is a full-scale Chinese garden that gives you a sneak peek of Chinese heritage with its koi ponds and painstakingly-crafted Chinese pottery. 


The garden also has objects and stories ideal for children. You can arrange tours with the staff if you want to explore the local Chinatown community. 


You can discover the culture and history of Chinatown in Vancouver as well. 


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7. Stanley Park

Stanley Park is considered the largest urban park in Vancouver. Though it is known for its urban landscape, it fairly preserved its green oasis, which continues to attract visitors. 

It has a 400-hectare West Coast rainforest where you will enjoy the view of the mountains, water and tall trees. If you like to explore the park further, you will also be enamored by the beautiful beaches and historical landmarks. 

There is an option to explore the park on your own or join a tour. If you want to relax, you can visit the Aquarium or take a stroll by the sandy beach. 

The park also offers an opportunity to play a game of pitch and putt or ride the train. Be sure not to miss the famous monuments, landmarks and gorgeous gardens. 

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8. Granville Island Water Park

Granville Island Water Park is the continent's largest water park. Kids can enjoy squealing through mock rivers and spouts of water. 

It consists of an adjacent playground and yellow water slide that the whole family should not miss. Aside from exploring the Water Park, you can also shop at the public market or feed the geese. 

The park with its wide range of activities is an ideal destination when touring with family.


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9. Harbour Green Park

The lawn of green grass is one of the prominent features of Harbour Green Park. Anyone who is looking for a place to relax should visit this park for its scenery. 

Known for being a lush urban paradise, Harbour Green park is great for family picnics. The long stretch of benches are perfect for an afternoon sightseeing with friends and family. 

You can also stop for a quick snack on the Seawall or walk through downtown. 



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10. Lynn Canyon Park 

Lynn Canyon boasts 617 acres of forest and has been a favorite destination among local residents and tourists. It is one of the most sought after locations for hiking, family picnic or even a refreshing swim. 

It is not only a park but an ecology centre as well. With a wealth of historical information to showcase, many visitors are drawn to this amazing park. When visiting Lynn Canyon Park, be sure to explore its hidden gems such as the waterfalls, hiking trails, natural swimming pool and suspension bridge. 

The hiking and walking trails are also connected to other parks such as Rice Lake, Inter River Park and Lynn Headwaters.