Top 5 Most Affordable Cities In Lower Mainland Canada

Canada has been dubbed one of the most-loved countries in the world and if you're going to explore this beautiful country, you'll be able to discover its hidden gems. 

Aside from being home to top universities and having the highest life expectancy rate, Canada has breathtaking and stunning scenery that anyone would love to visit. 

If you decide to move there, Lower Mainland offers some of the most affordable cities with access to great healthcare, sumptuous food, picturesque attractions and many others. 

These cities are ranked based on the housing or rental costs, groceries, transportation, and other essential factors.

1. Abbotsford

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Abbotsford will be at the top of your list if you're looking for the most affordable places to live in Lower Mainland. It is known as British Columbia's cheapest city that generates numerous job opportunities in a wide range of sectors like construction, aerospace, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and trade. 

Living in the city is well within your budget as well. Rent prices range anywhere from $6000 to $1200. Since the city is near the international border, you can also get access to Richmond or Vancouver.


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2. Maple Ridge

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Maple Ridge is one of the communities in British Columbia with a stunning natural setting. If you want to find and pursue your passion, this community enables you to engage in all fields. 

It is the community that offers passionate individuals an opportunity to thrive be it in amateur sports, performing arts, or even community advocacy. When it comes to rent prices, the average rent per month ranges from $950 to $2000 for a one-bedroom apartment. 

The house price, on the other hand, starts at $874,000. 


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3. Mission

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Mission's economy heavily relies on agriculture, forestry and hydroelectricity with income sources obtained from the agricultural enterprise. With the right blend of urban and rural living, Mission offers a comfortable lifestyle without burning your wallet. 

It never lags behind its neighboring cities in terms of cost of living. Its housing price is 16% lower than the national average and the rent prices are equally affordable. 


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4. Pitt Meadows 

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If you want to move to an area where the cost of living is way cheaper than in other cities, Pitt Meadows is a good choice. It is an ideal place for raising a family and commuting to work. 

With lots of amenities to offer to the whole family, the area provides more affordable housing, more affordable childcare and a higher median income. 

In Pitt Meadows, a single-family home costs $792,000 while condo prices start at $490,000. 


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5. Langley

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Langley is a vibrant place with a small-town feel. With cheaper housing compared to Vancouver, it is one of the best options if you want to snatch up a more affordable home in the future. 

Langley's average cost of living is $1496. As for the rent prices, a one-bedroom apartment located downtown starts at $931 per month.


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