The Top Private Schools In Vancouver For Children & Teens

If you're looking to move to Vancouver and you have kids or teenagers, then you're going to want to buy a place near a fantastic school. If you pick a place close by, that means that your kids won't have to walk or bus far to school. Additionally, if you choose a home in an excellent school area, then your teen has a better shot of getting into top-rated universities like UBC. Fortunately, Vancouver is home to some excellent private schools.

Fraser Institute released a list of the top high schools for the 2017-2018 school year (the most recent available). Without further discussion, let's dive right into the top 10 private schools in Vancouver.

1. Little Flower Academy

Located off of King Edward and Granville, this all-girls Catholic high school ranks at the top of the list for a myriad of reasons. First, from 2014-2017 the graduation rate was 100%, only dipping to 98.9% in 2018. Second, it has an average exam mark of 86.7%.

This high school does have a yearly fee of $7,525, but the academics are worth the price of admission.  It is also an all girls school.

2. York House

York House is also an all-girls high school with excellent ratings. They have a 100% graduation rate from 2014-2018 and an average exam mark of 86.3%. This school, much like Little Flower, is also located off of King Edward and Granville. However, it is not a Catholic school.

Tuition is also significantly more expensive at $23,400 per year.

3. Crofton House

Situated in the southwestern part of Vancouver, in Kerrisdale, Crofton house ranks third on Fraser Institute's list. It boasts fantastic marks, graduation rates, and prepares students well for university. It is an all-girls school as well.

Tuition is $22,900 per year, which puts it at the higher end for private schools.

4. West Point Grey Academy

Located in the heart of affluential West Point Grey, this school has marks of 85.5% on exams and a perfect graduation rate. It is a coed school, so teens of all genders are welcome. The school is relatively new as well. It opened in 1996.  JK-Grade 12

Tuition is on the pricier side at $24,590 per year.

5. Mulgrave

Technically located on the outskirts of West Vancouver, this school is an excellent option for anyone considering living near Westmount, West Van. It boasts a perfect graduation rate and excellent exam marks.  Pre Kind to 12

Tuition for Mulgrave stands at $26,310 per year.

6. St John's

St. John's is a fantastic school choice for those living west of Granville. It has a 79.4% exam mark average and a perfect graduation rate. It's also a coed school so both girls and boys can attend  Jk-12

Tuition fees range from $21,550 per year up to $25,050.

7. St George's

Boasting a perfect graduation rate and an 81.8% exam mark, this school for boys is a fantastic option for people looking to live near Pacific Spirit Regional Park.  All boys gr 1 to 12

Tuition runs at $25,945 per year, making it also one of the more expensive options.

8. Collingwood

Located in West Vancouver in the Renfrew-Collingwood area, this coed school is a fantastic option for any teen student. It has a perfect graduation rate and an 81.9% average exam mark. JK-12

Tuition for grades 10 through 12 is $25,500. For grade nine, the cost is slightly less at $21,450.

 9. King David

A Judaic community high school, King David is a fantastic coed school that offers academics with extracurricular activities. King David has a perfect graduation rate with a 75.8% exam rate.

Tuition is a little cheaper at $20,550 per year.

10. Vancouver College

This school is the "brother" college for Little Flower Academy. The Vancouver College all-boys Catholic school ranks tenth on the list with a 75.8% exam rate and a perfect graduation rate.

Tuition costs $7,825 per year.

Vancouver Is Home To The Best High Schools

If you're looking for the best university-preparatory education for your teen, Vancouver has the best private schools you could ever want. Check out some of these schools today and find one that works for you.