The news that rocked the Monarchy and set the internet ablaze last week was that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex - Prince Harry and Meghan - were looking at resigning from their positions as senior royals and looking to split their time between North America and the United Kingdom. In case you were living under a rock last week, or you were off in some faraway land with no internet service whatsoever, here are
all the deets on what's happening

There is immense speculation about where the Duke and Duchess will head. However, almost everyone agrees it will be somewhere within Canada. They loved their stay in North Saanich, BC, on Vancouver Island, and Meghan has a lot of familiarity with and love for Toronto, where she spent a lot of time filming Suits. 

However, while these places are beautiful, they don't have quite the same pizazz as Vancouver. Vancouver is an incredible city, one that I would argue is fit for Royalty! So here are three reasons why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should consider this beautiful city to be their new abode.

It's Stunningly Gorgeous 

Vancouver is an oasis of beauty. With beautiful mountains, waterfalls, and trees, it exudes charm everywhere you go. Whistler's a short drive away, and if they want a weekend getaway on Vancouver Island, they can still do that. There is so much to explore and do north and east of Vancouver. The former senior Royal family could have a blast with Archie in Stanley Park, go on the Capilano Suspension Bridge, or enjoy the sights in Granville Island.

Rumour has it that the Duke and Duchess want to go to a place where they can avoid the paparazzi and constant pressure of the Monarchy in Britain. Vancouver is a fantastic place to get out, enjoy the fresh air, and get away from all that! 

Vancouver Is No Stranger To Wealth

The former senior Royal family might want to move to a more remote place, but in those places, a family of that much wealth and with that much of a security detail might find themselves out of place. The city of Vancouver is no stranger to people with wealth. There are many superbly wealthy people within the town - from billionaire Jim Pattison to Brandt C. Louie, chairman of London Drugs - that the Meghan and Harry would fit in perfectly. They would be able to enjoy impeccable dining experiences and fabulous shows, all while remaining relatively hidden compared with their life in the UK.

Vancouver's Weather Is Still Better Than London's 

A lot of people complain about Vancouver's rain, but we still have it better than in London. London, like much of the UK, receives just 1,633 hours of sunlight per year. By contrast, Vancouver gets a comparatively sunny 1,937 hours! 

Admittedly, we do get more rain than London does. However, we don't get quite the same levels of fog. So it all works out in the end.

Still, Vancouver would most certainly be an upgrade weather-wise from London!

Hopefully, Meghan And Harry Are Happy! 

While I might think Meghan and Harry should consider Vancouver as their ultimate destination, at the end of the day, hopefully, they are happy no matter where they choose! It's an ambitious next step for the Duke and Duchess, and I wish them the very best on their journey! 

Housing: A Con For Both Toronto And Vancouver

There's no denying it - housing costs in both Toronto and Vancouver are high. The difference between the two regions is what the governments are doing to address housing affordability. 

Vancouver and British Columbia are actively working to keep costs within reason. BC has implemented both a vacancy tax and measures to tax foreign ownership. These moves have started to keep Vancouver property prices somewhat in check. If you're willing to commute, homes out in Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, and Langley are all comparatively reasonably priced, given the square footage.

The Toronto and Ontario governments, however, have taken a more hands-off approach. As a result, 90% of earners make too little in Toronto to even afford a mortgage. If you are looking for a place to live and buy a home, Toronto may not be doable.

More Pros For Vancouver, But Both Are World-Class Cities

Vancouver is the second most livable city in North America and the sixth-ranked city in the world. Toronto comes in close at seventh place.

Both of these cities are world-class places to be. They offer robust economies, fun activities, and both cities are fantastic places for both families and single people. However, on the whole, Vancouver does have the edge. The natural beauty, economy, and weather make Vancouver a better destination, on average.

Thank you for watching the first part of this series on the Pros and Cons of Vancouver & Toronto… stay tuned for the next one…..and if you are looking at moving to Vancouver, get in touch with me today. I can help you find the right home for your needs!