Pros and Cons of Living in East Vancouver


East Vancouver is an area with an unfortunate and undeserved reputation. People often associate the suburb with homelessness, drug use, and other problems. You'll periodically see articles on the Vancouver Sun about these problems in this area.

However, like any area, there are pros and cons of living there. And, despite its reputation, there's a lot to like about the eastside of Vancouver!

Pro: Crime in East Vancouver Is Not That Bad

Drive along Hastings St. in East Vancouver, and you might think that this neighbourhood isn't family-friendly at all. However, that's one small part of East Vancouver. Technically, East Vancouver isn't a single neighbourhood but a designation given to a grouping of areas east of the central business district. The crime statistics are not that bad.

For the year ended in 2019, Strathcona, one of the areas, had fewer sex offences than the must more prestigious and expensive West End. It had less than 50% of the offensive weapons crimes than the Central Business District (also known as downtown Vancouver). And it had fewer motor vehicle thefts than Grandview-Woodland, Mount Pleasant, or the West End. In terms of sex offences, Mount Pleasant, also a part of East Vancouver, had about the same number as Fairview, which contains the touristy and well-known Granville Island.

Most of the crime tends to be in the downtown eastside area, the area north of and including Hastings. The rest of the neighbourhoods aren't that bad at all.

Con: You'll Need To Be Careful Where You Buy Property

There are fantastic deals in east Vancouver. Property in the area can sometimes be a better deal. However, sometimes that better deal is a deal for a reason. For property that's close to the downtown eastside, make sure you check out the area before you buy. It might be close to an undesirable part of town.

Other parts of East Vancouver have a lot of charm. Mount Pleasant, for example, is well-known for its variety of stores, heritage buildings, and its arts-focused festivals. Most people enjoy living in that part of town!

When in doubt, check with your real estate agent to make sure you're purchasing something in a good part of town!

Pro: You're Close To Downtown Vancouver

Depending on where you locate within East Vancouver, you could be a bike ride, short bus ride, or a very short car ride away from being in the heart of the city. Want to catch a hockey game at Rogers Arena? No problem! Hop on a bus or get in your car. You could be at the game in a matter of minutes!

For young professionals looking for an affordable place to live while still being able to commute into the city for work, East Vancouver might be your best bet. Condo prices tend to be more affordable than other parts of the town, and they're perfect for young people looking to build some equity while not spending their entire lives commuting to and from work!

The Pros Outweigh the Cons of Living in East Vancouver

Ultimately, the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to East Vancouver. You get all the fantastic amenities that Vancouver has to offer, without some of the costs. Plus, East Vancouver is a beautiful, welcoming, diverse community containing everything from young, educated professionals to working-class, blue-collar workers.

If you're interested in looking at homes or condos within East Vancouver, please contact me. I would love to assist you in your home search and find the perfect property for you!