The beautiful little town of Maple Ridge in British Columbia is worthy of exploration with its historical sites and breathtaking views that never go unnoticed, making it one of the extremely most sought after places by residents who are looking into relocating. Not only do you enjoy the best of both worlds, but the best of all worlds because it provides a great mixture of modern comforts and conveniences and heritage that will leave you in awe.


Ruskin, Webster's Corner, Silver Valley and Whonnock are just a few of its popular neighborhoods. Here are other things you should know about Maple Ridge that will help you make an informed decision if you are planning to move to the city.



1. House prices are cheaper than Vancouver

If you're looking into buying a much cheaper property, Maple Ridge is one of the best choices to consider. For instance, when Maple Ridge's rent prices are compared with Surrey's, it's 19.71% cheaper. 

The city is known as the cheapest residential estate as the housing price remains at 50% of Vancouver's housing price benchmark. 

2. Surrounded by nature

For nature lovers, Maple Ridge is a perfect destination because it provides a quick access to the panoramic vista of mountains, rivers and forest. If you want to take part in outdoor activities like fishing or hiking, Maple Ridge offers a wide range of options for you. 

You can visit the Malcolm Knapp Research Forest or Whonnock Lake where kids can keep themselves busy in the play area or frolic at the beach. There are also non-motorized watercrafts you can rent if you want to explore the area.

3. Availability of West Coast Express

The West Coast Express is the only commuter railway in Western Canada. Established in 1995, this railway system serves the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia. 

It is one of the most convenient modes of transportation of public commuters operating from Monday to Friday. 

4. Modern amenities

Maple Ridge provides comfort to residents with its 24-7 access to care facility. The Ridge Meadows Hospital has surgery services, maternity services and emergency services that people in this area can benefit from at any given time. 

They also have a public transit called TransLink that can take you to neighboring cities like Vancouver. You'll stay connected if you are in the city of Maple Ridge by downloading an app that gives you access to everything about the city. You can even receive alerts for road issues or emergencies. 


1. Traffic getting into Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge experiences an increase in traffic volumes especially during rush hours making the wait time longer than usual. Though a lot of improvements has been made to ease the traffic situation and to promote more efficient transportation, a long and challenging commute is still expected. 

2. No skytrains 

Maple Ridge doesn't have a Skytrain to speed up daily commutes. The available transportations to get in and around Maple Ridge are buses, trains and ferries. With that said, you will have to endure hours of commute due to heavy traffic conditions. 

3. Homelessness

Homelessness is still a growing problem in Maple Ridge and the cycle continues despite the city's consistent efforts in clearing the tent city and building more housing projects and permanent sites. Anita’s place served as a temporary shelter for the homeless, but in 2019, the province has already allocated a budget to provide more opportunities to homeless people so they can get access to stable housing.

4. Crimes 

For the past three years, the crime rate in Maple Ridge has been increasing. Based on the crime index, the selling of illegal drugs is the number one problem in the city followed by property crimes such as theft, carnapping, and vandalism. 

Maple Ridge is a fast-growing community that offers a glimpse of rural and urban living. The city is known to be a gateway to some of British Columbia's dike systems, trails, and wilderness.  With the abundance of community events, markets, modern amenities, and seasonal festivals, Maple Ridge is a perfect place for those who want to experience living the good life.