Vancouver has always been the source of anything great. This breathtaking place has everything to offer to make your stay memorable. Whether you want to explore its historical sites or visit its major attractions, Vancouver will never disappoint you. Of course, it is not just about the places, because if you have a penchant for sampling the best-tasting food, especially international cuisines, you can definitely get it here in Vancouver. So if you are craving for Persian food, here are the top 5 restaurants to check out. 


1. Cazba Restaurant


(photo from Cazba Facebook page)

If you are looking for authentic Iranian dishes prepared with vegetables, rice and herbs, Cazba Restaurant is the perfect place for you. These delicious dishes are cooked with meat, chicken, fish or lamb. It also has that original taste because like Iranian dishes, foods are always served with a healthy choice of leafy greens and herbs. 


You will also love the fact that Cazba serves their food using organic, natural and local ingredients. You don't have to make a trip to the store because they also accept online orders. Explore their interesting menu and don't hesitate to dig in. 


2. Zeitoon Restaurant



(photo from


This restaurant raises the bar when it comes to providing exceptional dining experience. With a relaxed and comfortable ambiance, Zeitoon is your best choice for formal dining. You will also enjoy the view on their patios if you visit the restaurant during summer months. 


Foods are served with fresh ingredients and their passionate chef always makes sure that they are prepared by their hands and hearts. You can guarantee that all recipes are authentic. 


3. Persian Gulf



(photo from Persian Gulf restaurant)


The food in Persian Gulf will make you come back for more. They are reasonably priced and most dishes are served in generous portions. Aside from Persian dishes, the restaurant also serves Italian, French and Middle Eastern dishes. 


4. Yummy Donair Kebab


(photo from Yummy Donair)


This fast food retailer provides a traditional approach while also maintaining the balance between preparing healthy and delicious food to customers. Since they opened their store in 2011, in Vancouver, they have continued to attract a large number of customers because of their consistency in serving food sprinkled with a unique and original blend of traditional spices. 


They have also been known for their innovative cooking process, so you will gain peace of mind because you are eating freshly cooked foods. Some of the signature dishes in Yummy Donair Kebab you can try are Beef Donair, Chicken Donair Super Combo, Kobideh Wrap Double and much more. 


5. Yaas Grill


(photo from Yaas Grill)



Yaas Grill is a family-owned restaurant that has been serving Vancouver residents for more than three decades. Some of the most popular dishes that they serve include stews and kababs. They also offer a great selection of vegetarian dishes available everyday. The taste has always been consistent because all foods are served using fresh and original ingredients. 


With these Persian restaurants, you will surely never hesitate to overindulge. Not only are they satisfying but they are also cooked to perfection. Check out these restaurants when visiting Vancouver for an amazing dining experience.