Do you want to know the top five searched neighborhoods in 2022 right here in Vancouver? Well, in this video, we're gonna talk about the top five searched neighborhoods and we're going after it right now.

Hey, what's up, everybody. This is Solomon here from the BC Elite Real Estate Group, and if this is your first time to our channel, we do lots of videos about everything that you need to know about Vancouver, Fraser Valley, and all the way to Chilliwack. So make sure you tap that subscribe button and hit that little bell so you are notified every single time that we do a brand new video we're getting again, lots of messages, phone calls, and emails, and we absolutely love it. So if you're planning on making a move to Vancouver Fraser Valley, or Chilliwack, we got your back when it comes to Vancouver living, so let's get right to the video. So REW, one of the top websites that people search for homes has conducted a list of top five neighborhoods where people are searching for their new homes.

And we're gonna start with number five. So number five comes out as Walnut Grove out here in Langley. Walnut Grove is a very high demand neighborhood. It's very close to highway one. So very easy access to the freeway. You got Pit Meadows, you got Maple Ridge nearby, as well as Surry. And, it's also a quick drive over to the border if you wanted to go visit, the USA. So that comes in at number five. The other thing that people compare with Walnut Grove is Willoughby. So if you're thinking about possibly looking in Walnut Grove, also considered Willoughby, and I did make a video on why Willoughby is one of the best places to consider. So that's number five Walnut Grove. So number four is Fleetwood. So Fleetwood is the second city in Surry on this list.

So stay tuned towards the end of the video to see which is number one. Fleetwood is actually very popular spot and right before that is east Newton, just on its tail, but number four is taken over by Fleetwood. So Fleetwood is really good. It's got good community, good schools. It's got lots of places for shopping, for example, right on hundred 50, second nearby. It's got a really good Tynehead park there. Close again to the freeway. So that comes in at number four. Okay. So let's talk about number three. So number three is Cloverdale. So this is a neighborhood again in Surry. So it seems like a lot of people are moving over to the Fraser valley. It seems like so. A lot of searchers are happening for Cloverdale, and that comes in at number three, many reasons.

It's got lots of new newer homes, such as townhouses. There's a lot of listings for town homes there. You're close to Fraser highway, so you can get across town that way close to the border again, highway one. So you're not too far from Vancouver. It seems to be a very in demand neighborhood. So Cloverdale takes number three. All right. So number two, number two is one of my favorite neighborhoods, which is the Kit Silano area. So Kit Silano is in the Vancouver west and, and it's actually got a lot of amenities. It's very walkable You've got one of the best beaches, Kit's beach nearby. You've got west fourth and Broadway for lots of street shopping. You got the mountain views and of course the beautiful ocean of the Vancouver. So, definitely Kit Silano is one of the top search neighborhoods.

It comes in at number two for good reason. All right. So number one, search neighborhood, according to REW is white rock. So white rock BC is on the Southern edge of the lower mainland. it's considered as one of the best beaches in Vancouver. You've got one of the best fish and chips that you can find in BC out there. They also reinforced the new pier that was recently redone. It's got one of the best views of all Vancouver feels like you're actually in California when you're down in White Rock. But surprise thing to me as well is the number of people actually searching for homes to consider in White Rock. I know it's not one of the most affordable areas, but again, you know what? People just love the fact that they could be near the beach, near food, near the border, close to highway 99, if they ever wanted to get to Vancouver.

So I could see why White Rock has taken the top spot as the most search neighborhood in Vancouver. So there you have it, that's a top five list of the top neighborhood that people are searching for in Vancouver. If you disagree or you think that there's other neighborhoods that you should consider, put some comments below and let me know what you think. And if you do like this video, make sure you tap that like button. And don't forget to subscribe because we do tons and tons of videos about everything that you need to know again about Vancouver Fraser Valley, and as well as Chilliwack. And again, you can reach us by texting or calling 778-655-7999 or visiting our website at Hope you enjoyed this video and look out for the next one.