One of the best things you will love about Vancouver, Canada is its wide range of options when it comes to local and international cuisines. With a unique blend of herbs and spices, people also love to sample Thai dishes. So if you want to taste authentic Thai cuisine, here are the top 10 picks for the best thai food in Vancouver.




Photo from Maenam


This restaurant is all about supporting local produce, blending organic and sustainable ingredients so there is a gentle yet powerful balance of diverse flavors from sweet, sour, salty and hot. All dishes are based on traditional Thai recipes to satisfy your craving for authentic Thai cuisine. With a wide selection of specialties such as banana blossom salad, handmade roti, a betal leaf wrap with grilled prawns and many more.


Address: 938 West 4th Avenue

Phone: 604-730-5579



Urban Thai Bistro


Photo from Urban Thai Bistro


Located on Hamilton Street, this popular and well-established Thai restaurant is home to the finest cuisines palatable to Asian taste buds. For more than 15 years, this restaurant has been serving both traditional and modern Thai dishes. Some of the signature dishes worth sampling are roasted duck, BBQ Thai-style chicken, fried rice and other stir-fried options that will make your meal truly satisfying. 


Address: 1119 Hamilton Street, Yaletown

Phone: 604-408-7788



Bob Likes Thai Food


Photo from Uber Eats Bob Likes Thai


If you're looking for home-style Thai cooking, this restaurant is the best option for you. Serving Southern and Northern dishes that are thai-inspired, you will surely look forward to a hearty lunch and dinner. Choose from a wide selection of delicious cuisines such as papaya salad, lychee wrapped bacon with pineapple, massaman beef curry and other Thai dishes that will give you a burst of different flavors. 


Address: 3755 Main Street and 1521 West Broadway



Thai Basil


Photo from Thai Basil


Another restaurant that should be under your radar if you are after affordable but delicious Thai dishes is Thai Basil. You can choose from a wide range of delectable dishes from salads, noodle dishes to curries. 


Address: 1215 Thurlow Street

Phone: 604-685-6754



Longtail Kitchen

Photo from Longtail Kitchen


For those who are into comfort food like noodles, soups and rice dishes, this restaurant has so much to offer. It serves perfectly cooked rice noodles sprinkled with seasoning and other authentic Thai ingredients that will make your meal delightful.


Address: 116-810 Quayside Drive, New Westminster

Phone: 604-553-3855



Pink Elephant Thai


Photo from Pink Elephant Thai


Yaletown’s Urban Thai Bistro and The Pink Elephant share a similar Thai inspired menu but what sets the latter apart is its unique style and flair. With its creative layout composed of hot pink furnishings, not only will you be enticed to dine in but your eyes will be treated to a display of creativity and innovativeness as well. Some of the dishes they serve include Pad-Kee-Moa, Om Kah and red curry. 


Address: 1152 Alberni Street

Phone: 604-646-8899



Kin Kao Thai Kitchen


Photo from Kin Kao


This restaurant serves lunch and dinner and can accommodate up to 25 customers. Located on Commercial Drive, Kin Kao Thai Kitchen, serves modern Thai food embellished with aromatic seasoning to bring out sharp flavors. Everyone's all time favorite dishes include green papaya salad, marinated pork ribs, Pad-See-Ew, green curry and a lot more.


Address: 903 Commercial Drive

Phone: 604-558-1125



So the next time you look for top Thai restaurants in Vancouver, you know the best places to visit. Come and dine at these restaurants and experience the fusion of traditional and modern Thai dishes.